Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good day to all our Meerkat friends

Re search goes on even more.  On the 20 October, our dominant mail  Mouner also took off on female hunting.  Maybe he will now have better luck in finding a female since he is now by himself and not all his children following him around.  Hi might have had some luck, but we think all his baggage was just to much for the females around.  But now his is by himself so - so maybe now he will have more luck in finding a new partner.
But now we are not sure:  Will he still come back, will all his kids accept him back, because his scent is no longer the same.
We have now noticed that the oldest male left in the family by the name of Sandy is now scent marking every member and there surroundings.
And still the the big question:  Will the oldest daughter that is now just over 1 year old mature faster and will she take the leading role?

Watch this space!!!For any further news.

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