Friday, May 31, 2013

It is hard work be ing a meerkat!!!

Some mornings wile sitting in the veld and talking about meerkats with my guests, there is alot of distractions eg. birds flying past, and or calling. Then i sit there, with no clue, or i would phone Rudolf; Please help ID' ing this bird. So a couple of months ago i phoned him again, not to help ID'ing a bird for us, but to please come and join the Meerkat Adventure team, mainly to help with birding.
We are now taking our Adventures to a further and even better level. We're hopefully before the end of the year start with proper birding trips, not just around the meerkat site but, but on De Zeekoe guest farms big dams (lake) and on a +- 2 km river stretch .Rudolf 's specialities is bird and Other wildlife.

As you can see it is not done yet, still need a roof with camo netting and some benches for us to sit on.
But here we just couldn't resist the temptation any longer we just had to get it on the water.  SO VERY EXITED!!!!

And then still to come we are also pre-pairing ourselfs for night tours.
We get a lot of guests that went on a lot game drives, but their is still some animals that is still missing in action-: " The SHY 5 "...!!  Aardvark, Porcupine, Bat-eared fox, Aardwolf, and then Our MEERKATS.
So night drives is also on its way.

Watch this space.  COMING SOON!!.
 Wouddapie (Little Bittern) Birdhide.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And the winter is on us!!
Hi my name is Uno, and i am a family member of one off the meerkat families in the Oudtshoorn region.
Thanks for the visits from oversees, and local visits. I realy hope you liked your visit to us. We do appreciate your visit. And for those of you that haven't,please do come and visit us.

The tourist season is going down because of our winter here in South Africa. A very good thing is We as Meerkats, DO NOT Hibernate!!!!!! So please do come and visit us although it is cold.
You can even see snow on our mountains around us, so it might remind you of home. Devey or Rudolf can take spectacular photos of us, you and our snow cowered Swartberg mountains as some thing to remember us by.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guests on my tour took this picture on a trip through Namibia.
Not a natural colour for a meerkat.
Not someone to rely on sponsors but for the first time i wish i new some big company that can sponsor
me to go on a mission to find this guy and try to study him up close. 
He obviously does not have it easy, standing out like that in the red landscape