Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where is Autumn

I am still sure there is confusion on this global warming thing, 35° one week and 7° the next, isn't there suppose to be autumn in there somewhere. I am sure these scientists are sniffing to much polar ice.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got my blog back after months of absence.
Liefie had more babies 30th jan but only 1 survived. The baby sitter just started whining one morning about two and a half weeks after they were born, the whole famelie came running back down the burrows and after a big commotion Liefie came out with only one baby in her mouth and ran of into the Karoo veld with the whole familie in tow.
Had 2 serious meerkat fanatics (2 bottom pic's) this week, eat sleep and breath meerkats.
Then also have a nature conservation student (top pic) coming to learn the tough and boring side of conservation work, she have to do 50 hours of meerkat observation. just following meerkats the whole day.