Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meerkat Adventures
Our new babies

These little ones was born on the 29 August 2014, we are not sure how many was born. But these two are the lucky ones and the survivors

With every birth , 3 times per year gives you 6 babies per litter. 18 babies born per season, only 40 - 45 % survival rate up to 4 weeks old. Due to snakes or other mongoose species.. Most of the predation happens on the babies under 4 weeks old.

We got to see these 2 the first time on the 23 Sept 2014. The babies stay under ground for the first 3.5 - 4 weeks of their lives.

After the birth, mom scent marks each baby to make them recognisable to the family. "Looks like food, but spells like MOM "
She then leaves them behind with one or two babysitters that will take care of them.
And when they finally do come out of the burrows the first time, for the next week they stay at the same burrow for the next week, to develop their motorised skills. And then it is off to Meerkat school or collage for them for the next 4 months of their lives. Now they need to be taught every thing. Like: how to find food, were and how to sort out the venom or chemical defence on the food. Babysitting with the next litter, housekeeping, and security. They can now still hug and hold any member in the family with out permission, beg for food. But after graduating from Meerkat school or collage at the age of 5 months old, It is no more tolerated. You are qualified and have to do things for and by yourself.

Any member in the family does babysitting and teaching of the babies. All duties is shared. But mating.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hi every one

This is just some of the Trip Advisers reviews.
Thanks very mush for them all, We are so glad that you enjoyed the tour with us.

And then there is also some bad ones. Like the guests did not received their photos yet. Well if you did't yet get them. Please send us an email with the date that you were with us.
You writing couldn't be figured out or some very good reason way you did not get them. 
So if you still planning to join us on an Adventure. Please make sure that you write neatly, or give as a card with your details on.

And them for the others. So very sorry for the big crowds of people on your tour. We can t help that there is so many tourists that wants to visit us. Devey or Rudolf are busy habituating another family of Meerkats so that the group sizes is a bit smaller. (And then in another years time there will be the same complaints again.and again!!!!!)
And them with the Green chairs that you had to sit on; Sorry this is what we have, And then THE COLD WEATHER - WE CANT ORDER IT FOR YOU. TAKE IT AS IT COMES AT YOU.



“Fun-filled sunrise!”
4 of 5 starsReviewed July 27, 2014
We thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Our guide was really knowledgeable and took some great photos for us, which he emailed the same day. The experience of seeing the meerkats popping out of their burrow was one we will never forget and we were not rushed at all. However, this missed a five star rating because, compared to other experiences in South Africa, it seemed very expensive. I wouldn;t have missed it though. Fab!

Visited July 2014
“Informative and fun”
5 of 5 starsReviewed November 11, 2013
What a treat to go and watch the meerkats wake up and start their day. Rudolph was our guide and very informative. We were fascinated about how the meerkats establish their hierarchy and how they run their families. They take no nonsense! As the first little sentry popped his head out and stood on his hind legs my day was made! Eventually all ten members of the family were out of the burrow and trying to get warm (with no sun) so they actually hug eachother to get warm. Was fascinating to watch. Once they were warm enough they started their day and boy are they busy little bees. Was a fantastic experience. Would recommend it to anyone.
“Great way to start the day”
5 of 5 starsReviewed December 30, 2013
An early start but that's the best and only way to see wildlife. Very informative guys running it and natural so none of that silly holding of the Meerkats which is wrong!
5 of 5 starsReviewed December 3, 2013
Its an early start but well worth it, the weather was good, started with a nice welcome and coffee as we watched the sun rise. The tour was fantastic, the Meerkats were in their natural environment and a family of 10 gave us a show that drained the batteries of our camera and video.
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 26, 2013
This was a fabulous experience. Up at 4.30am to meet in a lay-by miles from anywhere, follow a guy in a pick up in the dark to god knows where. Cup of coffee provided by pick up man & then take a fold up chair & follow man out into the desert. Man turns out to be Devey who is very knowlegable about the area & the animals & spends a lot of time searching out the meerkats for us tourists to go & watch. So we sat quietly on our chairs waiting, not expecting much but suddenly out pops meerkat 1, followed by about 20 others. They just carried on with their lives as if we weren't there, yawning , stretching , playing. We were only a few feet away, it was amazing. After a while when they were all up & ready they set off foraging & that was it. Just marvellous !!

Visited February 2013
“If you love meerkats, GO !”
5 of 5 starsReviewed October 14, 2012
This is one of the rare chances where you can go and see a whole family of meerkats that have not been domesticated but simply habituated to deal with their daily visitors.
Wonderful photographs and guide even took photos of the group to send to us, proving that we have seen meerkats

Visited October 2012
“Fantastic, worth getting up at 5am!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed April 6, 2012
You cannot get closer to the Meerkat and the guide (Devey?) was amazingly knowledgeable.
“Early start but well worth it”
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 24, 2012
We were lucky as our hotel arranged for us to be collected at 5am. whereas i believe most people had to travel under there own steam. We found it well worth the visit as you really do feel out in the wild and when your there it feels like us and them and we were more interested in them than they were of us. Its an experience that i'm pleased to have had although once your there its a cup of tea and a chair to sit and wait. For myself and my friend it was well worth it and we were back in time for breakfast and the the main days programme.

Visited February 2012
“The Experience of a lifetime !”
5 of 5 starsReviewed January 27, 2012
I am not known as a "Morning Person", but dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn out of curiosity to see what this was all about. WOW, what an amazing experience to see these interesting creatures interact with eachother. The guide's explanation of the complex social interaction and family structure made the entire outing absolutely unforgettable. Tell all your friends - this is not to be missed !

Visited October 2011