Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I stand amazed

It is still possible that parents can control their children.
It has happened once where i took out a child under the age of 10 and he behaved like a star, he was well educated on nature and how to respect nature, but i have to add his dad is a big nature man and bird watcher.
Now these two that i took out yesterday were two very well behaved young men all the way from India. And i have to give credit to the parents, they did not once had to say anything to make the boy's behave, it just happened. There is the possibility that they were just frozen stiff from the cold.
Now don't get me wrong i have had some good kids on the tours but these two were great.
For living in an era of strict children and obedient parents these kids were stars.
It seems like one of our young female meerkats that has recently reached maturity has left the nest. As you know Kansa valley has currently got a couple of young males on the move, looking for partners, So i assume it is a case of boy meets girl girl leaves home. But if i get any more info i will let you know.
When meerkat can't see what's over the rise one of them would usually get on a heap of sand or a shrub to see further, but sometimes they would clime to the top of a tree to see better, and yesterday i had the privileged to show that to my guests again.
Weather is warmer and tours are picking up a little. Talk soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Global warming?????????

If you ask me there is another ice age on the way, the condensation on the drums that i keep my chairs in is frozen most mornings now.
I have started research on the aardvark, porcupine and bat-eared fox in the area, Not as easy as i thought. They have much bigger home territory's and move around much more. Maby someone have a tracking system somewhere that they can donate. I think this is going to be very heavy on my shoe account.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meerkats in the mist

What a strange site, an eary mist took over our little meerkat valley the last couple of days. The meerkats just didn't want to wake up. Two day's in a row the tours were over four hours long.
But we survived it.

Looks like all the young males in the Lategansvlei/ folmoed area is on the move, we had another young intruder in our territory this morning. I think 'Boeta' the young male in our group is also that age and is on his way to go and find a girl and get married.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Part 2

So after the big chase there was no sign of the intruder, and no noticeable effect on the rest of the family. Yesterday while scanning the Territory i did see something in the distance witch could be a meerkat or a grey mongoose, but by the time i lifted my binoculars to my face it was gone and i could not ID it.
This morning Moner (dominant male) acted a bit funny towards his oldest son, who should at any time now be leaving to start his own life somewhere els. He went up to him twice and sniffed him where you don't want to be kicked.
And he were constantly watching him, so i think the boy is becoming a man and will be on his way soon.
I will keep you guys up to date with any developments.