Saturday, March 10, 2012

Long time no see

I am very sorry for neglecting my blog over the last two months.
I really don't like computer work and always look for any excuse not to do mine, so when my wife suggested a bit of renovation work in the house i grabbed it.
Well about a week after the baby's were born on the 16th of January a family of yellow tailed mongoose moved into one of the secondary burrows in the southern part of the territory. And one afternoon when i got to the burrows i could not see any sign of the babysitter and after a while two yellow tailed mongoos came running out or the burrows and vanished into the shrubs.
The next morning the meerkats moved to another burrow, witch means all the baby,s were dead.
Normaly january would be the last baby,s for the season but it looks like Liefie is pregnant again.
All five of the November baby's are still alive, so there is still 14 members to the family.