Friday, October 28, 2011

It is Time

Well just when you think you have things sorted and you know how their heads work they bowl you out, No i'm not talking about woman but meerkats.
When Boeta came back last week the young meerkat female that has just reached maturity end of August, got confused because of the young hunk who joined the family. It activated her hormones and she was kicked out of the family.
Well except for being a bit confused by the comings and goings of old family members it was a rather uneventful week.
My predicted birth date fore the new baby's were out by two day's, so in stead of the 30 th of October it was the 1 st of November.
Yesterday the tour went quiet uneventful till the two youngsters who were supposed to do babysitting duty, thought they can get away with leaving me and the guests to do baby sitting duty.
I was just bragging about what good baby sitters meerkats are when all of them left to go and forage. A bit confused, i lead my group of guests to follow the family to see whats going to happen next.
Without warning two very upset young meerkats charged down on me and the very surprised guests and the one stopped about 6 inches from my feet and with the attitude of a 7 feet meerkat, let go with a string of verbal abuse that i cannot word for word repeat on a public blog, told me what a bad and undisciplined babysitter i am to leave new born baby's unattended. And what a bad example i set in front of guests. I reluctantly bowed my head in shame and asked my guests to politely step out of the path and let them past to go and do what i have failed in so miserably. I was on the point of giving them a peace of my mind and tell them that i will not be discriminated against just because i am a human, but kept my mouth shut when the rest of the family came running down the path to come and see what the racket was about. So me and the guests made our way back to our vehicle's before i got into more trouble.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I have no clue

First off, on the 5th of Ocktober 2 young lady's who stayed at La plume near Oudtshoorn came on the tour with me. I forgot to get their e-mail address. So if it was you please send me a message so that i can send you your photo's. On this same morning we found a steenbok on the main road that was hit by a car, it had concussion. The Vet gave it some antibiotic's and pain killers and he is recovering very fast.
Liefie is progressing very well in her pregnancy and is getting bigger every day.
Two days ago something happened that i cannot understand. Now you know that when a young male reach sexual maturity, they are kicked out to go and find a female and start their own family. And you remember the young male Boeta that left about a month or so back. Well i was at the site the day before yesterday when i noticed a strange meerkat about 200 meters away and i braced myself for a battle when this intruder started coming closer.
But no one raised the alarm they just let him keep coming closer, and with me standing between the intruder and the family, i thought he would at least shy away, so i stood my ground and watched as he just walked past me at about 2 meters away as if he owned some property there.
He walked up to the family and they came running up to him with their tails up and started grooming him as if he is the prodigal son.
Has he learned some of Molly's tricks or is his cent so close to his father's that the rest of them does not smell the difference.