Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Well none predators to Meerkats!!

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The Martial Eagle. Breekoparend. Polemaetus bellicosus.

The Martial Eagle is a well none predator to Meerkats. But, Not when the meerkats are within its family.The meerkats do have predators. But not when they are all together.
There babys can be eaten by snakes and other mongoose.
The young males that has been kicked out of the family, to go and start there own families are also easy prey.( As in previous posts of bachelor ).
The meerkats have spectacular good eye site, and this makes it difficult for any predator to get even close to them to be an actual danger.
If some thing does come close to them or surprise them, THEY GANG UP, against the predator or MOB up against the predator, bark and scream, jump up and down giving the predator the impression this big animal is running towards them.
So instead of go through with the hunt they turn around and just run away.
The collective name for meerkats is a MOB, or GANG of meerkats.
The get gang up together-looks like one animal.
Predators hunt on weak, old or young prey or one by its self, not a group. Unless he/she cant see that he will then charge them to scare them, and then theyrun and the predator can then target one by its self. Old, young or weak.
So bay ganging up (one) jumping up and down they look like they are attacking the hunter. Hunter are the hunted now.
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